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How we got started.

The stories of each member of this band could go on and on, but there is no reason to bore you all with that, so we'll just tell you all how the Greg Harrison Band got started.

After a near death experience, Greg Harrison decided music was the best medicine for his soul. So after many months of mental and physical struggles he decided to make it his life. He started playing many shows but eventually got tired of playing alone.
So he went out and snagged up lead guitarist, John Bonnett. Greg and John had occasionally played shows together in the past so they knew they could at least have a good time jamming together.  Show's we're going great for the two of them but after a few gig's they felt in definite need of some percussion. It just so happened they didn't have to look too far, as good friend and multi-talented Zack Lilley, just happened to be free to join in on the fun. Not only does Zack keep the beats but he brings great writing skills to the band as well.
A few months go by and the three of them play a lot of acoustic shows and also some full band shows as well. For about a year they had a few bass players sit in with them, but none had really grabbed their attention or were already involved in other projects. Then one day John was sitting at his job at a guitar store and in walked an old friend, Sam Nesbitt. Sam is an exceptional bassist that can play many other instruments and he even has some nice vocals to jump on the mic with as well.  So John couldn't pass up the chance to ask Sam if he'd like to come play a show with the band. It just so happened Sam had been itching to get out and play so he gave it a shot and they all had a great time. Sam joined the band and they haven't looked back since.

They have remained Independent, recorded an original album "As Long As We're Dancin'" at Mr. Smalls Recording and Mastering in Pittsburgh, PA and are looking to play anywhere and everywhere!!  #music4thesoul